Monday, 13 July 2015

Beachcomber 4 Art Show from 9-13

Artists in showing: Maria Vanderbyl, Ellen Stobbe, Royal Plant, Ruth Barker

Museum Happenings

This week's farmers market was cancelled due to inclement weather, yay rain. In lieu of the museum had a free admission today for anyone who decided to visit. It was quite a success as many people came from all around to see the market, but were pleasantly surprised to have free admission after discovering that the market was cancelled; the market is still scheduled to continue every Sunday barring any other unforeseen weather circumstances. 

Museum Intern Joe, made popular by selfie-Saturday, has begun working on his First Nations exhibit, the exhibit, though not fully complete, is still available for viewing in the main building of the museum. If anyone, after seeing the exhibit, has any questions regarding any of the items on display or further context regarding the First Nations on Vancouver Island they are invited to ask for Joe at the museum desk any time from Wednesday to Sunday. 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Come Check out this amazing Artwork!
Fine Art Exhibition

Yesterday afternoon was a busy time for both the Museum and Museum Staff! The opening of a new art exhibit created a stirr of people to view the Museum. The exhibition of the showcased art is in the Tryon Room and viewing the exhibit is open to museum patrons. If you would like more information on the new exhibit you can check out the function coordinators' websites at:
1) Michael Schutte
2) Els Schutte
So come on by and enjoy the exhibit!

Wide Array of Books! Prices Vary
Museum Gift Shop

The Museum Staff were busy creating a new way to show museum guests our wonderful giftshop. It has evolved from the small seemingly ordinary expression of gift items. To the new eye catching display you see here. So come on by and browse books from varying aspects of Vancouver Island life, history, and environment. To stories of politicians, and animals we have books for people with all interests. We also have books for kids.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Spring Cleaning

Today at the Museum as a true indication that summer is in full swing our local mascot decided to poke out his or her little head. This little one is spry, cute and elusive, the Museum's local Loch Ness. However! The little bunny doesn't have a name yet! So we are opening up the floor to Museum Guests to see if you guys can come up with a name for the little bundle of cuteness. 

Yesterday and Today the museum staff are in full swing for "spring" cleaning. The place is looking quite tidy and will continue to cleaned in the days to come. 

Once again! Remember that our new Artisan's Market begins this coming weekend on July 5th! You can find out more information on the Facebook Page! Just click the Link on the Side Banner!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Parksville Museum was uneventful today. Josh was able to use the time to complete his Railway Exhibit. Jessica was able to use the peace and quiet to complete significant amounts of cataloging. Nikki, the Museum Curator, was able to complete many administrative tasks. She let the museum interns do their own thing without worrying they would burn the place down. #secretlysheworried.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Gift Shop Showcase

Today’s gift shop showcase is The Honourable Alec. A tale of love between two BC residents in a tumultuous time before confederation. Expressing a human side to life in early BC as well as the political turbulence concerning courts and politicians during BC’s pre-confederation days.

A must have purchase for anyone interested in local area BC History.
Value: $21.00 + Tax

First Nations Exhibit Update

Joe Stevens, a summer intern for the museum, is continuing to progress on his First Nations exhibit today. He plans to have the exhibit finished by July! Those interested in viewing the history of First Nations in the Parksville area will have a lot to see once the exhibit is finished.

E&N Railway Exhibit Update

Josh Heyd, a summer intern for the museum, is finalizing his exhibit on the E&N Railway Exhibit this week. The exhibit will be showcasing the Railway’s influence on Parksville. The railway was an essential aspect to almost all areas of Canada and Parksville is no different! Museum guests will not disappointed by the exhibit he has planned.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Parksville Museum & Archives Blog

Today we launch the Summer 2015 Parksville Museum and Archives blog. The intention of the blog this year is to keep the community up-to-date on the happenings at the Museum and how they are going.
Interested in finding out how the Market was last weekend? Want to know if we are showcasing any new exhibits? Care to see what Memory Exhibit is happening this week! The blog will be your source of all that information and more. The staff at the museum are always looking for suggestions and input about how we can better facilitate the history of our wonderful area.

You can check us out in some amazingly modern places:
Twitter: @ParksvillePast